Home Built Back To The Future II Time Traveling DeLorean Hovercraft For Sale

This is the eBay auction for a custom built hovercraft that looks like the time traveling DeLorean from Back To The Future II. It’s not actually any part DeLorean though, it was just fabricated to look like one. What do you get for your $45,000 or best offer? Let me copy/paste that for you while I quote all my favorite lines from the movie and make my cubicle-mate wish he hadn’t forgotten his headphones at home:

“This is a hand-made hovercraft that was built between 2008 and 2012 and continuously improved upon since then. I have recently remodeled and upgraded much of it and it is now in the best shape of its life. The thrust engine is about 5 years old and has about 40 hours on it. The lift engine is new and has about 10 hours on it. I spent the last 4 months working full-time to get it in great condition for you! New paint job, new rudders, new wiring, new switches, new led lights, etc.”

What you get:

Hand-built Hovercraft sculpted to look exactly like a Delorean. This is a functional work of art, it is not a Delorean bolted onto a hovercraft. There’s only one in the world!

Custom flatbed tilting trailer built specifically for this hovercraft

Miscellaneous spare parts and supplies including spare engine parts, fans and propellers, nuts and bolts.

Free phone consultations with me for any technical questions you might have.

The Hovercraft is based on the blueprints for the Universal Hovercraft UH-13PT

McFly, you bojo! Those boards don’t work on water. Unless you’ve got POWER. Hahahaha, man — I thought Greg was gonna try to fight me there for a minute. “Who’s Greg?” My cubicle-mate. Say hi, Greg! Haha, now put down the letter opener, Greg. Greg — calm down! “There isn’t really a Greg, is there, GW?” No…there isn’t even a cubicle if I’m being completely honest. I work from a pile of phone books in a utility closet in my mind. “Whoa.” Deep, right? “Like a kiddy pool.” Where?! You wait here, I’ll go get my water wings.

Keep going for a handful more shots and a five minute video of the hovercraft in action.

Source: Geekologie – Home Built Back To The Future II Time Traveling DeLorean Hovercraft For Sale

Finally, Sour Patch Kids Breakfast Cereal Is Coming


Because some times all the letters you write and prayers you say before bed actually get answered, Post has just announced it’s releasing a Sour Patch Kids breakfast cereal in June 2019 (available earlier exclusively at Walmart starting December 26th). Despite the different colors the cereal is all one flavor, “fruity” (aka the essence of a handful of Sour Patch Kids), and advertised as ‘Sour Then Sweet’. One Thrillist reporter who got to try the cereal early because my life is’t fair described the taste as “Sour Patch Fruity Pebbles,” which is 100% a flavor I can get behind. Granted I don’t think I’ve ever tried a sour cereal before, but I already love Sour Patch Kids and Fruity Pebbles and I’m open to new things. “Like swinging?” Exactly.
Now who wants to start camping outside Walmart with me? We can hit their Black Friday deals too and kill two birds with one very unemployed stone.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees Sour Patch Watermelon cereal better be right around the corner.

Source: Geekologie – Finally, Sour Patch Kids Breakfast Cereal Is Coming

Guy Encounters Large Great White While Kayak Fishing

Because the oceans are not ours, this is a video of a kayak fisherman filming a very large great white shark prowling the waters beneath him, presumably after the same fish he is. Or maybe the shark decided it was just going to skip that rung of the food chain and eat this man. He does sound tasty. A transcription:

Dude — great white just had my line. It came up right to my boat — twice.

Aw dude it looked like it was big around as a VW bug!

Holy *expletive*!


*expletive*! It’s twelve feet long and weighs about a 1,000 pounds easy! Holy *expletive*!

Dude! *unintelligible*

Hahahhaha, man — that read like a page straight out of Hemingway’s The Old Man And The Sea. I loved that book growing up. I felt like it always served as an important reminder that, even if you do manage catch a giant marlin, sharks are just going to eat it all anyways, so what’s the point in trying? “I don’t think that was the message.” That was absolutely the message. “What about Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men?” Never befriend a giant because eventually you’re just gonna have to kill ’em.

Keep going for the video.

Source: Geekologie – Guy Encounters Large Great White While Kayak Fishing

Officially Licensed Dungeons & Dragons 'Ugly' Christmas Sweater


This is the $50 officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons Holiday Sweater available from ThinkGeek. Some might consider it an ugly Christmas sweater, but I disagree. Anything with axes and dragons on it is beautiful in my book. I think it looks sharp. “Says the guy who’s worn the same tuxedo t-shirt to work two days in a row now.” MY WASHING MACHINE IS BROKEN. “Is it?” I mean it might be, there’s no telling what happened while I slept at the bar again last night.

Keep going for a detail shot so you can really appreciate the tight-knit.

Source: Geekologie – Officially Licensed Dungeons & Dragons ‘Ugly’ Christmas Sweater

Disney's Live-Action Dumbo Movie Gets An Official Trailer


This is the trailer for Disney’s live-action adaptation of Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton. Obviously, like comparing my penis to anybody else’s at the trough urinal during halftime at a professional sporting event, it looks sad.

Keep going for the trailer.

Source: Geekologie – Disney’s Live-Action Dumbo Movie Gets An Official Trailer

Study: Bearded Men More Attractive To Woman As Long-Term Romantic Partners


A recent study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology indicates women may find bearded men more attractive in terms of their potential as a long-term romantic partner. The study consisted of 8,500 women who were asked to evaluate pictures of the same men while clean shaven, with light stubble (5 days of growth), heavy stubble (10 days of growth), and full beards (over 4 weeks of growth). Heavy stubble was found to be the most attractive in terms of long-term romantic partnership, followed by full beards, light stubble, and clean shaven in last. Of course I would argue that women don’t actually find bearded men more attractive, just less ugly. Beards hide your face so there’s less monster to look at. “You can’t grow a beard, can you, GW?” Of course I can, I just don’t want to because I’m afraid my dog won’t recognize me and will try to attack me when I come home. “So no.” Whatever, I could have a 5 o’clock shadow by New Year’s if I wanted.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees they also should have included mustache only, neckbeard, and goatee in the mix.

Source: Geekologie – Study: Bearded Men More Attractive To Woman As Long-Term Romantic Partners

Oh Wow: The World Championships of Magic Winning Routine

This is a video of magician Eric Chien performing his ‘Ribbons’ magic routine, which recently won the International Federation of Magic Societies’ World Championships of Magic competition that’s only held every three years because magic takes time. It’s chock-full of up-close sleight of hand color changing card tricks and coins and sorcery. It starts good and only gets better from there. Now I’m not saying magic is real, but I have seen Now You See Me AND Now You See Me 2 and I do love Woody Harrelson’s character, especially in Cheers and True Detective.

Keep going for the whole routine.

Source: Geekologie – Oh Wow: The World Championships of Magic Winning Routine

A U.S. Map Of Each State's Most Searched Viral Video


This is a U.S. map highlighting each state’s most searched viral video out of the top fifteen in the nation. Apparently the wedding entrance dance video is the most searched overall, and all of them with the exception of ‘Linda, honey, just listen,” were uploaded prior to 2012, leading at least one blogger to speculate there are a lot of older moms and dads and aunts and uncles out there whose children have finally convinced them to give the internet a try. “But isn’t it all just p0rn and identity theft?” my uncle asked. ‘Yes’ I replied as I placed the free American Online startup disc in his computer’s CD-ROM tray.

Thanks to Michael A, who agrees at least Missouri hasn’t forgotten about turtle loving Zombie Jonathan. “That’s Kentucky.” Whatever.

Source: Geekologie – A U.S. Map Of Each State’s Most Searched Viral Video

Sure, Why Not?: A Beer Koozie That Looks Like A Red Solo Cup


Seen here modeling his finest chick-attracting plaid, a man holds a $10 beer koozie that looks like a red Solo cup. Obviously, i’s perfect for blending in at a raging kegger while you sip a La Croix can. That’s what I do when I’m DD (except with orange or grape soda). Besides, I don’t even like keg beer, I only like bottles and cans and draft. “Where do you think draft beer comes from?” Tubes. “And where do you think those tubes go?” All the way back to the brewery, obviously.

Thanks to Greg C, who reminds us all to drink responsibly, but live at least a little recklessly when you’re not having any cold ones.

Source: Geekologie – Sure, Why Not?: A Beer Koozie That Looks Like A Red Solo Cup

Slicing Through Rainbow Jell-O With A Tennis Racket In Ultra Slow-Motion


Improving on their 2,500 frames/second Jell-O racqueting video from a few years ago, this is a new segment from the Slow Mo Guys of them slicing through blobs of rainbow colored Jell-O with a tennis racquet, filmed at 12,000 frames/second. That is almost five times slower motion. The maths: I did them on the back of the label I just peeled off my beer. Besides being about six minutes too long, I thought the video was pretty cool to watch, although, just like the time I caught a glimpse of my best friend’s penis, it’s really only something I need to see once.

Keep going for the video.

Source: Geekologie – Slicing Through Rainbow Jell-O With A Tennis Racket In Ultra Slow-Motion

Star Wars And Marvel Character Coffee Mugs With Arm Handles


These are the $13 Star Wars and Marvel Meta Mugs available from Firebox. Each mug looks like a specific character (Darth Vader, C-3PO, a stormtrooper, Spider Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Panther and Thor), has an all-around design (including their backs) and features their arm as the handle. Obviously, they look just the right mix of stupid and awesome for a purchase and a life split between a cabinet in the office break room and my desk. Unfortunately, the product description doesn’t say how many many ounces they hold, but I’m guessing 128. I’m also a terrible guesser. “How many jelly beans are in this jar?” Zero, I guess they’re Skittles.

Keep going for a shot of some of the Marvel ones.

Source: Geekologie – Star Wars And Marvel Character Coffee Mugs With Arm Handles

Video Of A Ferrari Formula 1 Car Getting A 1.97-Second Four Tire Change Pit Stop

This is a video of the top three pit stops from the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix, including a 1.97-second four tire change on Sebastian Vittel’s number 5 Ferrari. Now that’s fast. For reference, the last time I got a flat it took me 10 minutes just to find the spare, then another 30 minutes of my girlfriend telling me I’m putting it on wrong before stepping away to call AAA behind my back. “He was trying to put it on backwards.” Haha, she’s kidding. “I wish I was.” Come on, I don’t go airing your dirty laundry all over Geekologie — BUT MAYBE I’LL START. *digging through hamper* Haha, what’s this?! “It’s called a bra.” *drapes over head like a giant eyepatch* Shiver me timbers!

Keep going for the whole video including two fast but not as fast pit stops from other teams.

Source: Geekologie – Video Of A Ferrari Formula 1 Car Getting A 1.97-Second Four Tire Change Pit Stop

Toy Story 4 Gets A Teaser Trailer


This is the teaser trailer for Toy Story 4, set to Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’. Now I know what you’re thinking, and I agree, didn’t they already make us cry hard enough watching Toy Story 3? Geez, give it a rest, Pixar, I’m already chronically dehydrated.

Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy.

From what I gathered from the very unspoiling trailer, Forky appears to be a makeshift toy crafted out of a plastic spork with pipe cleaner arms, popsicle stick feet (attached with gum), and googly eyes. Obviously, this film will probably focus on the importance of recycling and reducing our plastic waste.

Keep going for the trailer, which really isn’t much but the toys holding hands and not singing kumbaya.

Source: Geekologie – Toy Story 4 Gets A Teaser Trailer

Kid Accidentally Breaks Fall Of Friend Falling From Third Story Balcony, Both Walk Away Without Injury

This is a short video of an 11-year old boy in Pusad, Maharashtra, India who climbed onto the third story balcony of a building to retrieve a kite and falls over the balcony after dropping it down. Miraculously, his friend had bent over to pick up the kite at that exact moment, breaking his fall. Both walked away without injury. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Knowing my luck there wouldn’t have been a friend there, and I would have fallen straight into a spike pit like at the bottom of that one Mortal Kombat level.

Keep going for the whole video of a video, but the gif is pretty much it.

Source: Geekologie – Kid Accidentally Breaks Fall Of Friend Falling From Third Story Balcony, Both Walk Away Without Injury

Sorcery: Guy Produces Black Fire That Casts A Shadow

This is a video of Youtuber The Action Lab producing a black fire that casts a shadow by exposing an alcohol flame to salt water that’s all being illuminated by a low pressure sodium lamp that only emits light in a very tiny wavelength range of monochromatic yellow. *breathing heavy* It works because the sodium atoms being released from the salt water absorb the wavelength of yellow light from the lamp, making the fire appear black. Of course, using the scientific method, we also can’t rule out the possibility of black magic. Which is of course 100% what this is, since it is a black flame and all. *stamps ‘CLOSED’ on case file* I’ve seen Hocus Pocus before.

Keep going for the video, actual black flame around 4:00.

Source: Geekologie – Sorcery: Guy Produces Black Fire That Casts A Shadow

Classic: The Old 'Sit In This Excavator Bucket' Dump In Lake Prank


This is a video from Lagoa Seca, Paraiba, Brazil of a guy getting tricked into sit in an excavator’s bucket, then immediately being dumped in a fishing lake. Not tenderly dumped either — it’s a harsh dump. What could they have possibly told him to convince him to sit in there? What did he think was gonna happen? Who falls for that? “Don’t act like you’ve never been tricked into sitting in an excavator bucket before.” Man, they said there was gold.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 0:40 for the action.

Source: Geekologie – Classic: The Old ‘Sit In This Excavator Bucket’ Dump In Lake Prank

Sotheby's Auctioning Ring Made 100% From Cultured Diamond


This is a rending of the 100% cultured (lab created) diamond ring designed by Apple chief designer Jony Ives along with famed industrial designer Marc Newson. Sotheby’s is set to auction the ring, which is estimated to fetch between $150,000 – $250,000, or about four MacBook Pros and the new iPhone.

Theirs will be created by removing material rather than adding – an ambition made possible by the extraordinary scale of the stone which will enable the ring to be completely made of this material.

Creating a ring-shaped diamond is no small feat; the diamond block will be faceted with several thousand facets, some of which are as small as several hundred micrometers. The interior ring will be cylindrically cut out for the desired smoothness using a micrometer thick water jet inside which a laser beam is cast. The finished ring will have between 2000-3000 facets which has never been seen before on a single piece.

I dunno, looks like a turd to me. Not to brag or anything, but I could definitely design a cooler looking ring. *sketching* See? “That’s the earth ring from Captain Planet.” Oh piss off, don’t act like you were a Planeteer, I was the Planeteer.

Thanks to Alyssa, for reminding me of my glory days as a Planeteer before Captain Planet cut from the roster. It used to go: Earth, fire, wind, water, heart, despair! (I was despair)

Source: Geekologie – Sotheby’s Auctioning Ring Made 100% From Cultured Diamond

Michael Rapaport Provides Voice-Over For Video Of Weird, Bug-Eyed Cat


This is a video of Michael Rapaport providing some comedic voice-over work for a clip of a weird-ass looking cat in a backyard. The bug-eyed cat (a Chinchilla Persian whose pedigree name is Fearless Warrior but whose owner calls him Wilfred) actually has an Instagram page HERE, with the original undubbed video HERE. But don’t let that stop you from showing this version to your friends and telling them its real. That’s what I did, and now they’re all asking where I find these videos. I told them I see a lot of stuff writing Geekologie. Then they asked what Geekologie was and that’s when I flipped the table and started swinging my chair at their faces, the end.

Keep going for the video.

Source: Geekologie – Michael Rapaport Provides Voice-Over For Video Of Weird, Bug-Eyed Cat

Custom Toy Story Pizza Planet Delivery Truck Replica For Sale In Colorado


This is the 1983 Toyota pickup truck its owner near Denver, Colorado customized to look like the fictional 1978 Gyoza Mark VII Lite Hauler pickup truck from Toy Story that makes deliveries for Pizza Planet. Per the $2,500 Craigslist ad while I play ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ on Youtube at full volume and sing along. I think we have some bigwigs in the office today and I wanna let them know I’m a team player:

The Pizza Planet truck

A recreation from the Pixar movie Toy Story.

The truck runs and handles a bit rough. Its very hard to part with, but it needs to go. Looking for $2500. Make me an offer, but please don’t insult me. Lots of my own work went into the exterior.

Admittedly, that’s a pretty sweet looking ride. I could really see myself in that. Probably in the back bouncing around without a seatbelt. Also, I liked the, ‘Make me an offer, but please don’t insult me.’ I’ll give you $2,480 you rat turd! “She’s all yours.” Wait, but I thought…

Keep going for a couple more shots.

Source: Geekologie – Custom Toy Story Pizza Planet Delivery Truck Replica For Sale In Colorado

Squirrels Solve Pillar Obstacle Course To Get At Nuts

This is a clip from A Squirrel’s Guide to Success on PBS of a group of squirrels learning to make their way across a pillar-based obstacles course to get at some delicious hazelnuts. The obstacle course’s creators believed that the squirrels would learn from trial-and-error to avoid the red, springy pads and eventually only use the stationary blue ones to reach the nuts. That was not the case. Instead, the squirrels learned to speed across the red pads with a single leap and use two steps on the blue ones in between to restabilize themselves. Fascinating. Of course an even easier way to solve this obstacle (and the way I deal with most obstacles in life), is to convince yourself the nuts aren’t worth it and go take a nap in a tree.

Keep going for the whole video.

Source: Geekologie – Squirrels Solve Pillar Obstacle Course To Get At Nuts