Sex Robots Coming to Pr0n Soon

In a report from the Daily Star (I archived the link, but still assume it’s NSFW), london based cam girl Harriet Sugarcookie has stated that she wants to try making a video with a robot. When asked if she things sex robots may encroach on the pr00n industry, Harriet told Daily Star Online: “I hope so! I’d get to sleep in more while my sexy robot army works!”

Again, probably NSFW.

Did you know that Tuesdays are always really slow for news? If you want to see the videos that were on the website, I’m sure some searching will find the original article. I will say thanks to Kyle for the story so I don’t look like the creepy one.

She added: “For sex robots to be interesting on screen I think they would need to mimic human feelings and emotions.”When I make videos I like there to be good chemistry between everyone involved. I like to see the different expressions on people’s faces, that look you see in a girl’s eyes when she’s having sex with someone she likes for now you can’t replicate that, it’s something that will remain organic. I think in the future, when the technology develops more, we might see them in different areas of sex work. They make a lot more sense for things such as the Red Light district than pornography I think.”


Source: [H]ardOCP – Sex Robots Coming to Pr0n Soon

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